Gold Standard Research in a Live Factory Environment




Our unique approach tests interventions using gold-standard research methodology in real work environments. Through this rigorous impact evaluation we are able to identify and refine which interventions have the potential to be most effective.

  • Genuinely scalable solutions across companies and industries
  • Accurate measurement of social return and financial returns
  • Use of real manufacturing environments as live testing hubs
  • Less wasted money on interventions that don’t work
  • Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to ensure impartial and effective testing of solutions

our projects

Collaboratively source disruptive solutions from academic literature and real world experience of industry stakeholders

Disruptive ideas
scale up
Deliver financially viable models that are proven and ready to be implemented at scale
Improved worker welfare
Return on investment for business
Good Business Lab
Social enterprise model
Seeding new social enterprises with market ready model
Research results
Evidence on program impact supports continuation and expansion across retailer networks
Implementation guides
Blueprints for companies to replicate interventions in their businesses to achieve similar results