Unlocking Female Labour
Closing the Skill Gap
Raising Job Quality



The Labour Market in India is Broken

Common constraints hold back workers and firms alike:

Excluded Women Workers

  • —Female labor force participation is drastically low and shrinking even as the economy grows
  • —Companies struggle to find enough workers to meet ever-growing needs

Critical Skill Gap

  • —Current capacity for skilling cannot meet the vast needs of idle and under- skilled workforce
  • —Scarce, ill-equipped workers and primitive management confine firms to a fraction of their productive potential

Poor Job Quality

  • —Low wages and tense, oppressive work environments limit worker productivity and reliability
  • —Excessive worker turnover drives up recruitment and training costs for firms and holds down productivity
We Must Demonstrate the Business Case for Investing in Worker Welfare

Shared problems require a shared solution

Unlocking Female Labor

Addressing the practical and societal barriers women face to joining the workforce (read more)

Closing the Skill Gap

Comprehensive skilling of both workers and managers to realize the full potential of the workforce (read more)

Raising Job Quality

Building comfortable, supportive work environments to ensure workers thrive and grow (read more)

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